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1.    How long does it take for me to get my money?

The moment we receive your signed Agreement, we start immediately working on your claim.  The paperwork and quality control on our end are usually ready that day or the next business day.  The longest waiting time is the time it takes for us to get a hearing scheduled before the judge presiding over the case.  Since it’s been backed up lately in most courts, we sometimes do not get a hearing date until a month or so later.   But after the hearing, the judge typically signs a court Order releasing the funds and you can expect your money about 3 weeks afterwards.

2.     How do I know this is not a scam?

The first thing is that we NEVER ask for any money up front.  We work on a contingency basis and get paid ONLY on successful recovery of your money.  The next thing is that we don’t ask for any additional personal information because we’ve already qualified you as the rightful owner or heir/beneficiary before we even attempt to contact you.

There are definitely scams that are out there, so please be aware.  Make sure you DON’T pay any money up front. And DON’T give out any personal information unless you’re completely certain of who’s going to use that information and for exactly what purpose.

3.     How come I didn’t know about this money?

Many times a simple change of your address can delay or completely cause you to miss out on money that belongs to you.  Also, we have access to databases and other records that are not readily available to the general public.  And even if you were aware of it, it’s still very difficult to find, let alone recover, without a lot of experience and professional training.